Dubai Investments commits to the highest standards of corporate responsibility – serving communities, championing relevant social advocacies, and preserving UAE’s rich culture and heritage.
Dubai Investments employs an efficient sustainability strategy, aimed at creating social and economic value for different sectors in the community. Through various initiatives and programmes, the Company has demonstrated its dedication to important causes, ensuring that business success is translated to greater social impact. In line with the UAE government’s goal of becoming one of the top 10 sustainable cities in the world, Dubai Investments has engaged in activities promoting efficient energy use and environmental preservation. It has supported businesses providing innovative products, in line with the global standards of sustainability.
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Conducted breast cancer awareness event to educate and inform employees on early detection and achieving a healthy lifestyle. Employees attended lectures by Dr. Rita Sakr from Kings College Hospital London and clinical dietitian, Dr. Nada Salhab, followed by creative team-building activities.
Organized annual blood donation camp for the employees and subsidiaries in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Participated in the Dubai Fitness Challenge by conducting 30 minutes per day of fitness-centric activity for 30 days to motivate employees towards a healthy and active lifestyle
As support to the Back-to-School campaign by The Big Heart Foundation, DI employees toured, volunteered, and interacted with the children at the centre and presented them with school supplies.
Dubai Investments joined Smile on the Face campaign and supported more than 5000 blue-collar workers with iftar meals and everyday essentials
Dubai’s first ‘Dubai Investments Green Run' debuted in Dubai Investments Park. The run was aimed at promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for all. Participants were encouraged to run and walk
DI contributes to lesser privileged sections of the society
Dubai Investments engages in several activities aimed at helping those in dire need – those who are facing different social, economic, and health challenges. The Company teams up with other organizations to ensure that they get adequate support.
DI is committed to the promotion and preservation of the national heritage and culture
Dubai Investment believes in promoting UAE’s culture through different local activities and projects. Committed to the preservation of the country’s rich heritage, the Company participates in important cultural events, and partners with groups with the same vision.
DI firmly believes in workplace development
Dubai Investments believes in the holistic development of its employees – implementing different programs that enhance workplace happiness and productivity.
DI is supportive of several community and social programs
Dubai Investments supports different community and social campaigns and programs involving health, education, security, sports and culture among others.
DI fosters entrepreneurial skills among youth and future generations
In line with the country’s mission to enhance the competencies of the youth, Dubai Investments creates several initiatives to foster entrepreneurial and other relevant skills among them – ensuring that the future generation is ready to take on the challenges of an ever-evolving business environment.
Sustainable products
Committed to global sustainable standards, Dubai Investments has become a one-stop sustainability provider of end-to-end products and solutions that contribute in shaping smart cities of the future. DI is set to adopt ideas and strategies to further its intent of championing sustainability, in addition to strengthening its current portfolio of its subsidiaries’ innovative sustainable products.