As a Group, it is a moment to reflect on the journey so far and look ahead to the quarter that remains. In the face of evolving economic landscapes and global challenges, Dubai Investments has continued to demonstrate resilience and agility and the Group’s financial performance for H1 2023 has been strong, with steady revenue growth and healthy profit margins

The UAE's commitment to diversifying its economy away from oil dependence is yielding impressive results. The region is witnessing substantial growth in sectors such as tourism, technology, and renewable energy and Dubai Investments has been actively participating in this transformation by progressively exploring investment opportunities.

Dubai Investments has established itself as a trailblazer in the real estate sector, synonymous with innovation, quality, and sustainability. The Group’s portfolio of projects across UAE with few planned developments on the existing land banks, and beyond is a testament to not only creating a mark but also capitalising on this lucrative sector.

Talking about expanding the realm of Dubai Investments real estate beyond UAE, the Group’s investments in the Angolan market is progressing steadily with the ongoing development of the Dubai Investments Park ( DIP) Angola. The project is envisioned as a successor to the proven DIP model on an international stage and in a lucrative market like Africa.

As Dubai Investments moves forward, the Group recognizes the paramount importance of technology in driving business growth and the ongoing digital transformation efforts are in line with the Group’s goal to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Let us together continue to remain upbeat about the Group’s achievements and let us continue to maintain this momentum and deliver value.

Khalid Bin Kalban
Vice Chairman & CEO

Khalid bin kalban
59% increase
2023 First half Profit surge TO AED 580 MILLION driven by the strong performance of the real estate segment and substantial returns from investment portfolio
4th Rank
Ranked 4th in The Forbes List of The Best Investment Companies in the Middle East in 2023
Q3 2023 review of DFM listed companies
Ranks 5th with a weight of 8.29% of the DFM Shari'a Index (DFMSI)
Ranks 6th with a weight of 6.31% of the DFM General Index (DFMGI)


Expanding agribusiness ventures, Dubai Investments signed an MOU with E20, an Abu Dhabi-based agribusiness investment firm, to pursue agricultural investment opportunities in Angola

Danah Bay introduces first-ever Breakwater Villas and exclusive Landside Villas in Ras Al Khaimah

Globalpharma representatives actively joined the UAE's senior delegation, including government officials and business leaders, at the G20 Summit in India


Sustainability Achievements

Doubled reduction in Total GHG Emissions with 32% in 2022

Emicool ST

Unifying the Selling Approach

With the goal of standardizing personal selling methods and establishing an identity in the market, the Dynamic Selling Skills induction was implemented to align with the lead strategy of Globalpharma

Emicool ST

Sharing Medical Advancements

Globalpharma invited doctors to attend the "Quality In Primary Care (QPC)" international standalone event as part of the efforts to interact more with Key Opinion Leaders(KOL's) and provided updates positioning the company as a leader in CVS (Cardio Vascular System) & Respiratory diseases.

Emicool ST

Embracing Digital Transformation and Sustainability

Initiated the Industry 4.0 maturity assessment, and successfully gained a comprehensive understanding of the Siemens Digital Transformation Accelerator plant model, aligning initiatives with COP 28 for climate change, and formally submitting it to the Ministry of Health & Prevention (MoHAP)

Emicool ST

Strengthening Partnerships

Following the agreement with GSK, the Analytical Method Transfer and Packing machine trials, successfully completed to begin the secondary packing of Augmentin from September 2023

Emicool ST

Completing Tech Transfers

The technology transfer of medicines used to treat heart diseases and used as painkillers.

Emicool ST

Enhanced focus on Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)

A new software, Reesource, enhancing Globalpharma’s capability in track and trace system by managing serial number exchange between customer and Globalpharma implemented

Emicool ST

Enhancing Worker Safety

Occupational health surveillance was conducted by a 3rd party lab to assess powder exposure levels for machine operators and to enhance worker health and safety through targeted prevention measures. Workers also received awareness training on hazard prevention

Emicool ST

Enhancing Skills

External training & certification for Six Sigma Black Belt was organised to enhance employee skills & expertise

Al Mal Capital REIT

Declaring Semi-Annual Dividends

Announced half-yearly dividend for the period that concluded on 30th June 2023

Dubai Investment Real Estate (DIR)
Leading from the front

Raffle Draw for shoppers

Shoppers at Mirdif Hills Avenue to shop for AED 200 and stand a chance to drive away in a new car or embark on an exotic holiday adventure.First raffle draw winner annouced

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Indulgence galores

A host of new cafes, restaurants, bakery and nursery open at Mirdif Hills Avenue creating a perfect shopping environment


New openings at Fujairah

Bluemart supermarket opens at Al Taif Business Center


Expanding Healthcare Excellence

NMC Healthcare broadened its services by inaugurating Block B at NMC Royal Hospital, focusing on Mother and Child Care, Advanced Oncology, and Advanced Heart Care in Dubai Investments Park

Properties Investment

New Openings at The Market

A host of restaurants ( Mc Donalds, Subway & Beiruti Flame Grill), musical institute “Melodica”, finest German bakery “Munich Finest Bakery”, men’s full health club “Ritual Men’s SPA”, aquarium and fish tanks with all accessories and services store “Thiyondlee”, and “Fourtyfour Digital Documents Clearing Services” for all government related services.

Emirates Glass
Leading from the front

New Identity

New Logo unveiled for Emirates Glass

Leading from the front

Showcasing Glass Mastery

Displayed advanced glass solutions at the Glasstech Mexico Exhibition

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Exploring Glass Wonders

Fencon Mazameer Architectural Design Consultants toured the Emirates Glass factory, delving into the intricacies of glass processing.

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Glass Showroom on Facility

Unveiled a glass samples showroom within the facility in Dubai, featuring over 150 glass types, allowing clients to experience a vast product range, firsthand and choose the perfect solutions.

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Promoting Employee Wellness

Introduced a state-of-the-art gym facility within the office, exclusively for employees to refresh and rejuvenate

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Clients' Top Glass Choice

The EmiCool Solite Series from Emirates Glass stood out for its cooling efficiency, design, and energy-saving features with some notable projects


Strengthening market position

Emirates Float Glass Secures Golden Listing as Sole UAE Float Glass Manufacturer

Leading from the front

Elevating Hospital Brilliance

Delivered top-quality glass for Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai, meeting high international standards and combining durability with claritym

Leading from the front

Enhancing Villa Aesthetics

Supplied Al Barari Villas with premium glass, complementing the villa's architectural harmony with its environment

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Advocating Sustainable Practices

At the Global Glass Show, EFG’s General Manager, Saleem Raza, represented the company and emphasized the benefits of a circular economy for sustainable development, highlighting the energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions from recycling glass

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Showcasing Glass Innovations and strengthening partnerships

Participated in the inaugural Global Glass Show 2023 held in Abu Dhabi and worked closely with the government departments, positioning EFG as a leader within the glass industry

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Championing Green Initiatives

Became a certified member of the Emirates Green Building Council, emphasizing commitment to sustainable energy and also received the Bronze District Energy Space 2022 Award from IDEA for extensive district cooling services beyond North America

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Recognizing Supportive Initiatives

Honored with a certificate from the MyMaximus Center for People of Determination, acknowledging Emicool’s consistent support and advocacy for people of determination

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Steel Structure Milestone

Erected the steel structure for a 2B+G+8 floors residential building in Dubai, starting with a 15-ton, 14-meter tall column.

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European Contract Secured

Secured a new contract for the Mažeikiai Refinery in North-West Lithuania, Europe.

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Expanding Asian Projects

Announced the shipment of materials for an ongoing project in India that includes the construction of PEB warehouses, factories, and auxiliary buildings covering 160,000 square meters.

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Management Update

Joseph Chidiac, General Manager of Emirates Building Systems, took on the additional role of Acting General Manager for Emirates Extruded Polystyrene, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments

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ERP Goes Live for Dubai Investments Corporate!

The implementation of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is live with significant improvements in processes and systems

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Advancing Digital Transformation

As part of the move towards a paperless office, three digital transformation projects were launched, encompassing an Electronic Signature System, Document Management System, and Process Automation through Workflows.


DI Youth Leadership Program that emphasized young talent growth, fostered a culture of sustainability and progress, concluded successfully with Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani Head of Sustainability Committee, awarding the certificates

Participated in the Ru'ya Careers exhibition at Dubai World Trade Centre, 19-21 September 2023

Habiba Al Marashi, founder of Emirates Environment Group, led the training of Dubai Investments Sustainability Champions on topics like Sustainable Development Goals, production and consumption habits, its impact on the environment, pollution and overall climate

Backed "The Big Heart Foundation" Back To School campaign, aiding 50 students


Dubai Investments in the media
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EFG's leadership in the Global Glass Show 2023

Al-Ittihad newspaper highlighted EFG's leadership in the Global Glass Show 2023, referencing an interview with Saleem Raza, General Manager EFG Read more
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Danah Bay's construction progress

Construction Week shared a drone update video of Danah Bay's construction progress. Read more
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Gulf News article

Gulf News article on the emerging Ras Al Khaimah real estate landscape highlighted Dubai Investments Danah Bay project Read more
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Blog post on the Pharmaceutical sector

Blog post by Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani, General Manager, Dubai Investments Industries and Director of Globalpharma, sharing insights on the UAE pharmaceutical sector Read more
Researchers create Martian map using UAE's Hope probe images

Recently, CNN reported that New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) researchers created Mars Atlas using data from the United Arab Emirates' Hope probe, which has been orbiting the planet since 2021.

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Dubai's economy maintains momentum, GDP rises 2.8% to cross $30 billion

Dubai’s economy grew an annual 2.8 per cent in the first quarter of the year to Dh111.3 billion ($30.3 billion), extending the "robust momentum of growth" achieved in 2022, when the emirate expanded by 4.4 per cent.

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COP28 a significant step towards future of clean, renewable energy

The UAE is the first country in the Middle East and North Africa to launch a strategic initiative aimed at achieving climate neutrality by 2050. The UAE has further solidified its prominent standing within the renewable energy sector, underscoring its active role in propelling global growth through heightened investments in sustainable energy initiatives.

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No Schengen visa stamping on passports soon: How new entry-exit system will work

The Schengen region is developing a new central entry and exit system for visitors from other countries and will do away with the need for visa stamping on the passport, a senior official said. This will allow the European countries to increase scrutiny of the nationals who will travel from outside the region.

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Starting in November, passengers at Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport (DXB) can use facial recognition technology for a seamless travel experience through check-in, immigration, and boarding.

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