Dubai Cranes launches 8 new models of wire rope hoists designed for Middle East industries
December 17,2020

Manufactured with European components, hoists range from 3.2 tons to 40 tons in capacity

Dubai Cranes & Technical Services LLC, a leading manufacturer of overhead material handling equipment, specializing in advanced lifting solutions and maintenance services and a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC, has announced the launch of 8 new models of wire rope hoists, ranging from 3.2 tons to 40 tons in capacity, designed specifically for the Middle East Industries.

Manufactured using high-end European components and labelled the DXB Hoist series, the different models offer varied capacities, designed to suit customised requirements. Dubai Cranes facilitated local procurement, designing, manufacturing and assembly of the new line-up, with the highest precision in accordance with the international standards, enabling reliable and durable crane products catering to the diverse requirements of the general manufacturing industries across the Middle East.

“The new DXB Hoist series represents the Dubai Cranes brand and the next generation of industry benchmarked equipment, offering the latest in technology, innovation, performance, durability and savings. The radical design facilitates stepless hoisting movement, making lifting seamless, precise and with enhanced control. The product has received rave reviews and feedback from the implementation across various industries locally and we are positive the product will serve a good fit for the diverse general manufacturing industry requirements across the Middle East”, said, Andrew Kay, General Manager, Dubai Cranes & Technical Services LLC.

The new range of hoists are designed towards meeting specific environment requirements where the conventional design needs alterations to endure more hazardous environments. The crane design eliminates peak rope forces and reduces the wear on reeving components and also enables smooth and accurate load positioning with total control.

The newly designed main girder is the perfect fit for a runway, and the revolutionary sliding connection allows the end truck to better accommodate itself on the crane runway. The rope of the hoist requires minimum lubrication, reducing maintenance costs.

In addition to installation and commissioning of the cranes, preventive maintenance and refurbishment of the product, Dubai Cranes is counted among the companies enabling fastest spare parts delivery options - within one week as compared to standard 8 weeks with other companies.

Dubai Cranes has been supplying products to the markets since 2018 and over the years has evolved as a material handling technology supplier for standard cranes up to 40 tons as well as advanced hot metal process cranes up to 500 tons.

Dubai Cranes has successfully built a strong team of experts capable of designing and executing diverse projects, meeting complex material handling processes and the Company aims to continue to provide innovative products and services designed for diverse customer’s specific process requirements.