Dubai Investments Announces First Flagship Mixed-Use Development in Africa
January 10,2024

Innovative 2,000-hectare mixed-use development in Angola is positioned to be Africa’s unique integrated residential, commercial and industrial hub.

Dubai Investments, a leading investment company listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), has marked a significant entry into the African markets with the announcement of its first flagship mixed-use development in Africa – the Dubai Investments Park (DIP) Angola.

Dubai investments Park Angola, the innovative 2,000 hectare unique integrated mixed-use residential, commercial and industrial hub in Angola, Africa, is planned and designed in line with highlighting Dubai Investment's expertise in crafting immensely successful mixed-use developments.

DIP Angola's project site comprises of 3 kilometers of breathtaking coastline and a 2-kilometer stretch of sandy beach, presenting a canvas for versatile master planning. The area's topography allows for seamless integration of industrial, commercial, and residential zones, while preserving the natural beauty. The development aims to become a tourism and industrial hub, with sustainable development aligned with the Angola Ministry of Environment (MINAMB).

Dubai Investments will develop the infrastructure and lease land to developers and investors in creating a cohesive mixed-use development as the Group progresses with the establishment of DIP Angola. This envisioned community will harmoniously blend residential, commercial, and industrial zones, underlining inclusivity and a myriad of amenities such as communal parks and leisure facilities, redefining recreational spaces. The blueprint encompasses an 18-hole golf course and various housing choices, all strategically positioned near vibrant retail and industrial hubs.

The project is strategically located in Dande Municipality, Bengo Province, just 50 kilometers from the national capital Luanda and 33 kilometers west of the provincial capital, Caxito. A robust regional transportation network ensures excellent connectivity for both local and international visitors.

Khalid Bin Kalban, Vice Chairman and CEO of Dubai Investments PJSC, said, “Dubai Investments Park Angola stands as a momentous milestone, representing the Group's premier endeavor at such a grand scale, signifying the beginning of a journey towards global expansion. This strategic step reaffirms the Group's unwavering belief in Africa's promising economic terrain, aiming to catalyze sustainable growth and progress across the continent. It underscores Dubai Investments’ steadfast dedication to utilizing its expertise in crafting prosperous mixed-use developments. DIP Angola presents a prime prospect for investors seeking diversification and business expansion within a burgeoning economy that holds immense potential for large-scale industries, providing direct pathways to extensive markets across the broader African landscape.”

Developed by Dubai Investments International Angola, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, Dubai Investments Park Angola demonstrates the Group’s commitment to sustainability by integrating innovative environment practices into the development. The project is in alignment with the Ministry of Environment’s regulations for environmental protection and conservation and adheres to the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals (SDGs). It achieves this through integrated renewable energy, smart water management, innovative landscaping, and other future-proofed sustainable initiatives.

Modeled after the acclaimed Dubai Investments Park model in the UAE, DIP Angola represents an evolution of this successful blueprint, incorporating and elevating all its facets to create a more refined and comprehensive mixed-use development.

Dubai Investments Park (DIP), UAE stands as a testament to innovative urban planning, comprising distinct zones tailored to diverse business needs. Meticulously designed, DIP offers a multifaceted environment for businesses, residents, and industries and encompasses distinct zones such as the industrial zone, dedicated to manufacturing and logistics, the commercial zone, fostering corporate growth, the residential zone, providing comfortable living spaces, and the leisure and entertainment zone, catering to recreational needs. DIP's seamless integration of these zones fosters a holistic community, promoting synergy between work, life, and leisure within a vibrant and a sustainable environment.