Emicool Enters R&D Collaboration with Siemens
July 11,2021

Collaboration confirms cooperation in research and development strengthening sustainability and driving economic and environmental benefits

Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) – a subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC - and Siemens - a leading technology company - have today announced a collaborative partnership with the intent to jointly develop various initiatives promoting energy saving measures and solutions in a bid to strengthen sustainability and drive economic and environmental benefits across Emicool facilities.

The anticipated solutions will centre around innovations in sustainability and digitalization and include the implementation of energy audits at Emicool plants to identify savings potential and explore areas of improvement across the plants.

Six main areas will be explored, with Siemens’ expertise used to further Emicool’s objectives in Sustainability, Innovation & Technology, Responsible Operations & Reliable Service, Training, the Promotion of Digitalization and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Amongst the benefits will be increased energy efficiency through the optimisation of technology solutions, resulting in educational, environmental and economic benefits to the community.

Chief Executive of Emicool, Dr. Adib Moubadder, said, “Our partnership with Siemens to develop and improve our sustainability and digitalization across the businesses, utilizing the Siemen’s energy saving systems, integrating and connecting products, plants, systems and machines will enable a wealth of data to be harnessed with advanced analytics. This will ensure effective implementation of actions, improving efficiency and performance. We are committed to securing a sustainable energy supply and contributing to environmental protection through energy and resource conservation.”

Emicool’s partnership with Siemens, which continues a positive existing relationship, will ensure the smooth facilitation and maintenance of services and solutions, integrated into the district cooling plant.

Franco Atassi, CEO, Siemens Smart Infrastructure in the Middle East, commented, “Innovative technologies coupled with an operator with clear vision are sure to yield positive results for Emicool’s customers. We are excited to work together toward greater energy efficiency and sustainability by introducing digitalisation, optimisation and advanced programs. We look forward to helping Emicool develop and grow by adopting the latest technologies in this industry.”

Implementation of sustainability principles is one of the key business priorities for Emicool and the Company continues to takes steps to consolidate the sustainability pillars to align and reiterate the Company’s increased focus on sustainable business initiatives.