EMICOOL strengthens digital transformation with remotely controlled processes
June 23,2021

In line with the Company’s strategic focus on digital transformation, Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) LLC, a leading district cooling service provider in the region and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, has initiated a phased implementation of Emivalve, enabling remotely controlled processes, facilitating instant connection and disconnection through an automated centralized software.

Emicool has partnered with AIUT - one of the largest Poland based European system integrators providing technologically advanced solutions in automation and robotization of production processes, IT, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to develop Emivalve. The move strengthens Emicool’s position among the leading district cooling companies in the region to invest in high-tech technology of smart valves and smart meters to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and convenience.

“With Emivalve, our customers can avail district cooling services, facilitating a quick move in and out for tenants, instead of visiting the company’s headquarters or the customer service centers. We have extended the services to our sister Company Aquacool Metering to ensure uniformity in application and services. The digitalization of connection or disconnection will minimize turnaround time of registration and cancellation processes, increase customer satisfaction, enhance experience and contribute to Emicool’s vision to be recognized as a world class provider of reliable and efficient district cooling services”, said Dr. Adib Moubadder, CEO of Emicool.

Commenting on the partnership, Artur Gabryś, Director of the Smart City IoT Division at AIUT, said, “We are happy to provide smart cities with automated solutions. Our implementation with Emicool in Dubai, as well as other projects around the globe, is a great example here. Today, the automation of processes in municipal utility supply networks is the direction of city development expected by both – enterprises and residents. This includes water – which is so important on a global scale. The utilization of IoT technology helps manage utility in real-time and reduces energy losses for the benefit of the environment. E-settlements and lower service fees are yet another benefits that come from implementing smart IoT solutions.”

Emicool’s strategic approach to upgrading customer transactions to digital modes is identified among one of the top priorities in 2021, including streamlining services and transactions without the physical presence at a branch. The Emivalve service is currently successfully installed at around 15% of Emicool’s and Aquacool’s projects and the Company plans to implement it at all existing and future projects, targeting a 100% automation.

The Company is progressing steadily towards its digital transformation excellence and has already rolled out unique initiatives like the first Unmanned Machinery Space (UMS) Plant completed in 2020, which uses Artificial Intelligence SMART Systems.

As part of Emicool’s sustained strategy to ensure customer satisfaction, the Company is constantly evaluating a range of digitization options. The implementation of Emivalve is in line with the Company’s sustainable practices and part of the Smart Dubai initiative to implement the Dubai Paperless Strategy.