Emirates Float Glass Becomes First ICV Certified Float Glass Manufacturer in the UAE
June 22,2023

The certification was awarded on the basis of commendable success in the areas of localisation, human capital development, supplier development and technology transfer

Emirates Float Glass (EFG), a renowned global leader in the float glass industry and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, has become the first float glass manufacturer to be ICV (In- Country Value Program) certified in the UAE. With a state-of-the-art facility, EFG has become a dominant player in the region for float glass in architecture and automotive applications.

The certification evaluates a company's performance in various areas, including localisation, supplier development, technology transfer, and human capital development, among others. This significant milestone reinforces EFG’s commitment to sustainable development, reiterating its position as an industry pioneer.

EFG attained an additional score due to its initiative to participate in the MoIAT assessment, which is a combination of end-to-end factory tour and group discussions with different stakeholders broadly covering strategy and governance, process and operations, innovation and R&D, customer and market, and IT management and governance. The assessment also included outlining a roadmap to seamlessly implement the automation of production, planning and scheduling and implementation of digital capabilities.

By successfully meeting the rigorous ICV certification standards, EFG has demonstrated its dedication to nurturing the UAE's economy, supporting local industries, and creating sustainable employment opportunities, further solidifying the company's reputation as a leading contributor to the country's economic diversification and vision for the future.

Saleem Raza, General Manager, Emirates Float Glass, commented: "As the first float glass manufacturer in the UAE to achieve the ICV certification, Emirates Float Glass proudly leads the industry in driving economic growth and fostering local talent. Our Group Company, Dubai Investments’ support has been instrumental in meeting the stringent requirements and fulfilling the requirements towards this certification. This historic milestone demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the UAE's vision of sustainable development and propels us towards our goal of attaining the golden listing, further elevating our position among industry leaders."

EFG is working closely with the Information Technology Telecommunications and Infrastructure (ITTI) and enabled a comprehensive framework to measure the digital maturity and sustainability and is focussed on formulating a roadmap for industrial transformation that includes monitoring factors like productivity, reducing downtime, enhancing data security, increasing competitiveness in the global marketplace and improving customer service.

Through the ICV certification, Emirates Float Glass is focussed on enhancing resilience to consistently support the UAE’s self-sufficiency goals, increase the competitiveness of locally manufactured glass products and contribute towards boosting the UAE’s in-country value.

The company will continue to focus on building strong relationships with local suppliers, investing in cutting-edge technologies, and developing a highly skilled local workforce. These efforts align with the UAE's goals of knowledge-based industry growth and the creation of a sustainable and diversified economy.

Emirates Float Glass, the only manufacturer in UAE producing low emissivity glass (double silver) by state-of-the-art magnetron sputter coater, has consistently been recognised for its exceptional quality standards, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and commitment to environmental sustainability. With a production capacity of 600 tons of glass per day, the company has become a trusted partner for locally manufactured glass solutions globally.