Globalpharma leads generic medicines industry and marks 25 years with more than 90 products across lifestyle disease segments
April 10,2023

Company’s innovations included the launch of the first herbal manufacturing site in the Middle East

Dubai Investments, the leading investment company listed on the Dubai Financial Market is marking 25 years of Globalpharma, its wholly owned subsidiary and the UAE’s first pharmaceutical company to set up operations in Dubai. Over the years, the Company has evolved and enhanced capabilities from manufacturing 2 products at inception to more than 90 today and has continued innovating with the launch of the first herbal medicine manufacturing site in Dubai.

Globalpharma manufacturers and distributes products across almost all lifestyle disease segments with an annual production capacity of more than 770 million tablets, 300 million capsules, 3 million litres of dry suspension and approximately 280,000 units of herbal medicines.

“The investment in Globalpharma is in line with Dubai Investments strategic objective to contribute to the acceleration of the growth of the generic medicine industry boosting competitiveness and supporting the growth of the healthcare sector in the UAE. With the UAE being an active pharmaceuticals manufacturing hub and with industry reports highlighting, the UAE pharma market projected to be worth $4.7 billion by 2025, Globalpharma aims to be at the forefront and has articulated a robust business plan that will support the strong pipeline of products, required in the region, providing tremendous opportunities to produce and market broadly diversified products to suit a diversified population”, said Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani, General Manager, Dubai Investments Industries and Director of Globalpharma.

Counted amongst the leading pharmaceutical companies with the B-Lactam plant providing Amoxicillin and AmoxiClav brands in the larger MENA region, Globalpharma is boosting competitiveness in the generic pharma industry, aimed at developing new medicines and adopting modern technologies. MG21 – the Company’s first herbal product, manufactured at its herbal manufacturing site, inspired by the UAE heritage is proven to be one of the best product launches in the UAE pharmaceutical market.

In addition to the herbal manufacturing site, Globalpharma’s state of the art manufacturing site is divided into 2 standalone sites, one for penicillin and second for general medicine. The Company’s manufacturing sites are cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, approved by all health authorities in the Middle East (GCC, UAE, Saudi FDA), Levant, Africa and the CIS regions.

Globalpharma’s fully equipped laboratories cover chemicals, instrumental analysis and microbiological testing of raw materials. Currently Globalpharma is actively engaged in newer projects, including cooperation with multinational companies to localise manufacturing of brands in the UAE and is partnering with regional players to expand geographically.

Focused on providing access to quality products and innovative solutions to improve experience, Globalpharma is committed to supporting healthcare professionals in the UAE and the region by strengthening knowledge and skills as part of the long-term focus on promoting Continuous Medical Education (CME).
With a strong regional footprint, exporting to more than 11 countries, Globalpharma is a strong advocate for locally manufactured medicines and aims to progress into a globally attractive and technologically driven integrated healthcare enterprise, focused on continually innovating and adapting to deliver the best in healthcare.