MyMaximus, a first of its kind vocational support center in the GCC for people of determination, opens in DIP
June 07,2021

MyMaximus, a first of its kind vocational training center in the GCC for people of determination aged 18 and above, has announced the opening of its first centre in Dubai Investments Park (DIP).

The centre was inaugurated by Khalid Bin Kalban, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Investments, accompanied by Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani, General Manager, Dubai Investments Industries and Head of Sustainability Committee, Dubai Investments.

As a first of its kind vocational and job placement center built with the theme of ’Learn and Earn’ for the people of determination, the centre was born from the critical need for educational, vocational and job placement support for adults with mental disabilities in the UAE after their school years. The Centre is based on the model of inclusion, providing people of determination the support to learn and grow.

Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani, General Manager, Dubai Investments Industries and Head of Sustainability Committee, Dubai Investments, said: “Empowering youth is a strategic priority for us that will help us prepare a generation capable of keeping pace with future changes and in this light, we would like to congratulate MyMaximus for its efforts towards launching such an inspiring centre. These initiatives help create an inclusive and empowering community contributing continuously to the role of the people of determination in our society. We are happy to announce the opening of such a unique centre that will help facilitate the needs of the communities not only in and around DIP but also across the region by enhancing education infrastructure and boosting creative skills.”

The centre is open to students with developmental and intellectual disabilities, regardless of the severity of their disability, nationality and socio-economic background, and the disciplines are well-crafted to suit learners’ capabilities and working environment needs.

Nahid Mudathir Hassan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at MyMaximus, said: “Creating a productive society and sustainable living for people of determination is the dream of each parent who is blessed with a determined child. MyMaximus is borne with a vision to create and develop a comprehensive eco-system to support the employment of the mentally impaired. The determined, through their training and early intervention, have already gained and developed multiple skills, but due to the nature of their needs they still face difficulties coping with real working environments. Through this initiative, we aim to bridge knowledge gaps and build readiness for the working environment.”

“We are not here to reinvent the wheel; rather it is about identifying a skill that a person of determination has developed and building on it to support them with their employment prospects. We believe that some modifications are required to current working environments to support the employment of people of determination. We are working closely with our partners on trials to close this gap. We are also encouraging self-employment programs and are in contact with local and international organizations regarding funding and SME support for people of determination.”

MyMaximus offers vocational courses for people of determination across a range of disciplines, including internet accessibility; gardening and landscaping; housekeeping and cooking; natural soap making; painting, gift wrapping and flower arrangement; beauty and hair styling; fashion, design, and embroidery; office skills and mailing services; pottery; and rug making. To know more about the centre visit - MyMaximus.