University of Balamand Dubai Announces a Unique and Innovative On-the-Job Learning Option that Complements its Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
May 03,2021

University of Balamand Dubai (UOBD), an excellence-focused, quality-driven educational institution and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments (DI), has announced the upcoming launch of a unique and innovative on-the-job learning (OJL) option for students pursuing the Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. The program, expected to launch in September 2021, aims to give students an unmatched opportunity to add significant, real-life work experience to their academic learning at UOBD.

The OJL program will target high-achieving high school students. Its purpose is to prepare students for job market entry upon graduation by enabling them to accumulate work experience in their field of study. The program is part of UOBD’s and DI’s wider joint commitment to contribute to the fulfillment of the UAE’s national agenda which aims to upskill talent and provide growth opportunities for the UAE youth.

Commenting on the program, Dr. Jihad S. Nader, Vice Chancellor and CEO of UOBD, said: “Our partnership with Dubai Investments will help build a skilled workforce in the UAE by giving our students a platform to grow and providing them with opportunities to succeed. The OJL option will provide applied learning in a real-life work environment with companies within the Dubai Investments Group. Upon graduation, students will receive an OJL Certificate from UOBD in addition to the BS degree in Civil Engineering. This combination will give them a significant advantage for successful entry into the employment market and for jump-starting their career upon graduation.”

UOBD's OJL program is the only program in the UAE that offers students real-life learning opportunities with a widely diversified portfolio of 35 potential host companies within the Dubai Investments Group--all within close proximity to the UOBD campus.

The OJL program will consist of seven modules spread over seven semesters, beginning in the second semester of the students’ first year at UOBD. Students will follow a structured program at select companies within DI’s ecosystem of subsidiaries. The first intake of participants will consist of 10-15 students divided into groups of 3-5, with each group assigned to a specific host company. At each host company, a designated officer will supervise the students’ activities and evaluate their work. The evaluation will be based on a breakdown of the students’ work into specific tasks that have well-defined expected outcomes. The supervisor will coordinate with an academic advisor from UOBD to provide an assessment and a grade for each student, which will count towards the student’s overall grade average upon graduation.

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