Press Release
Dubai Investments Employees paint Ghaf leaf wall mural marking the “Year of Tolerance”
November 14,2019

Commemorating the “Year of Tolerance”, Dubai Investments echoed its “Unity in Diversity”, bringing together almost 50 nationalities from all the diverse group companies, to paint a tolerance inspired Ghaf tree leaf mural, reflecting the true essence of tolerance.

The employees came together in vibrant and culturally rich cadre, infused with heritage, to inspire and enlighten on the importance of Unity in Diversity. The company stressed on the importance of tolerance as a universal value, symbolizing UAE’s authentic national tree – the Ghaf Tree - as a source of life and a symbol of stability.

Under the theme of “Unity in Diversity”, the employees, donning white T-shirts representing the colour of peace and harmony, were present with their respective country flags.

Giving a new dimension to the mural wall, symbolized by the amalgamation of colours in holding together the multitudes of outlooks, lifestyles and traditions, reaffirmed the importance of tolerance.

The activity corresponded with the International Day for Tolerance, celebrated globally on 16th November. To leave a lasting impression and in a bid to create newer ones, the colourful hand painted wall mural will continue to adorn the Dubai Investments headquarters facility at Dubai Investment Park, echoing the message of “Unity in Diversity”.