Emicool implements revised fuel surcharge; confirms compliance to Supreme Council of Energy regulation
December 09,2020

Corresponding reductions to be implemented through the monthly invoices ensuring transparency to end-users

Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) LLC, a leading district cooling service provider in the region and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments, has implemented a revised fuel surcharge applicable across all its district cooling plants, catering to all sectors, in line with the directives issued by the Supreme Council of Energy.

The reduced fuel surcharges on customer electricity and water bills will be effective from December 1st, 2020. Emicool is working towards transferring and implementing the corresponding reductions through the upcoming monthly invoices, ensuring transparency and benefits to end-users.

“By connecting to more than 2,200 buildings in the UAE across various large sectors, malls and others, Emicool’s statistics of projects, agreements and contracts reflect the awareness among owners and developers of the growing importance of energy-saving and environmentally friendly district cooling systems. We are already extending our full support to the mission of the District Cooling (DC) Association, in line with the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy (DIES) 2030 & 2050 and our compliance to this new regulation complements our assertiveness towards supporting government initiatives aimed at increasing the share of renewable and clean energy in Dubai’s energy mix”, said Dr. Adib Moubadder, CEO, Emicool.

Emicool has continued to embark on using innovative technologies to improve the chilled water efficiency by utilizing Green Renewal Energy which is being implemented successfully by a hybrid solar park at the district cooling plants in Dubai Investments Park (DIP) and increasing penetration of TSE across various other district cooling plants, enhancing the sustainability of resources by recycling sewage water to replace potable water, resulting in savings over conventional potable water systems.

The company’s new pipeline technologies contribute to reducing carbon emissions and reducing water and energy consumption by providing efficient and environmentally-friendly district cooling services that maintain cooling, without being affected by external factors and high temperatures, especially in the summer.

Emicool continues to play a major role in contributing to global efforts to make a positive impact on climate change by reducing consumption, relying on larger operational cycle and conserving natural resources using environmentally friendly district cooling systems, which in turn contributes to cost reduction for consumers while facilitating sustainable development.